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Note: With the demise of the mediaplayer, these links don't work anymore! I really need to organise my videos ...

Here's a list - in a sense that's my 'showreel' (Video/audio materials that I have produced, or where I have contributed to production - mostly available to watch online.)

Some more pointers: I've had a hand in many of the videos published on - of course just concerning the Cambridge generated materials, such as some of the CUSP items, the BA Festivals 2005 and 2006, and some of the MMP and Cambridge Science Festival lectures. Needless to say that making video is never a solitary activity - and the full credit is always shared among teams of people.

More in my professional capacity, you can look at some lectures and interviews e.g. from the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, where we've filmed lectures and interviews over the years. Related to recent work, I've contributed to producing some of the videos listed on

But it's not just about making video - I've spent a great deal of time thinking about how people might want to watch video online, and how information should be embedded into other information. To this end, I've been doing some programming (together with others of course), working on an easy to use system for populating websites with video. It's work in progress, but it's what powers ScienceLive, as well as

To see some of my lectures, see Podcasts.

There's also a handful of videos available here: