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Mixed Methods UJ
RFF Zambia
OER Guidance for Schools
OER4Schools (since 2009)
ORBIT (2011-2012)
ANTSIT (2010-2011)
UNESCO Access2OER (2009)
Samfya (2008-2011)
Steeple (2008-2010)
CamTV (2008-2010)
ICTP WS (2007)
OpenLearning (2007-now)
VideoUnit (2006-2013)
Video Hosting (2005/2006)
ScienceLive (2005-now)
MediaPlayer (2003-2010)
BlueSci (2002-2005)

I was key adviser to T-TEL June 2015-December 2016, I am an adviser to the Roger Federer Foundation on a teacher education project in Zambia.

We produced the OER Guidance for Schools 2015):

OER4Schools is an active project, OER4Schools (since 2009, now in phase 4). ANTSIT (October 2010 - April 2011) took place in the same settings. All of these projects are about teacher education in SSA. Another teacher education project was the JISC-funded ORBIT project (October 2011 - September 2012). Also see Publications for other outputs. OER4Schools has branched out into

  • Kenya (CEMASTEA)
  • Rwanda (REB-OLPC)
  • Sierra Leone (USL)
  • South Africa (UJ and UNISA)

which is where we are currently most active. Other work included this video and the "OER Guidance for Schools", (2014).

Other projects with an international development or OER slant include Access2OER UNESCO community discussion (2009), and Samfya (December 2008 - April 2011).

Video-related projects include Steeple (2008-2010), CamTV (2008-2010), ICTP WS (2007), OpenLearning (2007-now), VideoUnit (2006-2013), Video Hosting (2005/2006), ScienceLive (2005-2013), and the MediaPlayer (2003-2010). BlueSci (2002-2005) is the Creative Commons licensed popular science magazine, run by University of Cambridge students - still very much active!

Movies: AIMS2003, Zambia2014.