The original OERWIKI seems to be offline (December 2012). The Access2OER discussion pages are preserved here for reference! The final report in pdf is available here: Access2OER_Report,

1 Welcome to the UNESCO Communities Access2OER pages

2 Discussion 9th Feb - 9th March

This main discussion has now closed. A report of the discussion is being drafted, and you can read the draft on the wiki. When the report is finished, it will be circulated to the mailing list. You can access the sections of the report here:

Introduction - Contents | Part 1: Issues | Part 2: Solutions | Part 3: Proposals | Conclusion | Page Index

3 An Access2OER proposal: Bridge (discussion starting 9th March)

The previous discussion ended with some concrete ideas for proposals (see Access2OER:9 Proposals), responding to the needs identified earlier (Access2OER:Issues).

To take these proposals further, a second mailing list has been set up:, where the discussion will continue, and concrete proposals will be developed. You are very welcome to join.


4 Access 2 OER related events (coming out of our discussion)

4.1 Access 2 OER discussion at OCWC 2009

From: Tom Caswell: I am looking forward to facilitating a conversation among such wonderful people in the OER access and accessibility communities. I will send more information about our panel members soon. As a reminder, in this session we will discuss assistive technology efforts as well as projects to improve access to OER in developing countries. The session will be held in Monterrey, MX on April 22, from 11:30am to 1pm CDT (UTC/GMT -5 hours). This is an exploratory session to look at what projects are under way to improve accessibility and access to OER, and how is the OCW community participating. How are accessibility and access challenges similar and what strategies might offer solutions to both problems?

For details of the Elluminate site, please join the access2oer mailing list.

If you use twitter, please post comments and questions to twitter during the session. Please tag your posts with two tags:

#OCWC09wsaccess #access2oer09

If you want to see what's being posted, please check this link:

Also, the conference website page for this session can be reached here:

For more about the conference as such, see


4.2 Proposal presentation at OpenVideo conference

Bjoern and Tiffiniy raised some awareness for the proposal at the Open Video conference (June 2009).

See here for more information, and slides.