HCPT/Session 4: Publishing

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This will cover use of the UCS-SMS service for uploading your recordings, as well as the use of mediaplayer tools to publish the recordings to your website.


Also publishing info from Oxford: http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/podcasts/how-to-podcast.xml.ID=publish

Publishing your podcasts is a two stage process: First your podcast file needs to be placed online via a suitable webserver; Secondly the location of this podcast needs to be advertised via a syndication system which will facilitate automatic distribution through subscription.

1 Uploading to UCS SMS[edit]

Tutorials/Upload media to Cambridge University SMS service

2 Connect to website[edit]


3 Notes[edit]

First check

  1. Contract has been scanned and saved
  2. That the recording has been uploaded and saved appropriately

To find recording


Recording will be in collection according to recorder's college

Open edit page in tab

Transfer recording to edit page