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1 Buying a Raspberry Pi[edit]

This is probably slightly ephemeral, but still - following our Raspberry Pi workshop, finding the best/cheapest places to buy your Pi is not that trivial.

CPC Farnell is good for the Pi and PSU:

I have tried to get some really cheap PSUs from China, but they did not work so well, so it's probably not a bad idea to get that one.

A case is a good idea:

SD card. For some applications, you might want your SD card to sit nice and flush in the case:

  • TF Card To Micro SD Card Adapter Module For Raspberry Pi, £1.08 (China). They can easily be a few pounds, so this might be worth the wait!
  • For the card itself, worth going for class 10 UHS-1, which costs about £8 for 16GB, £15 for 32GB, and £30 for 64GB (for branded cards).
  • If you are going for a standard size SD card, you seem to be able to get branded 64GB cards for just over £20.

So a 16GB microSD setup would cost you about £43.50, and a bit more if you want a larger capacity.

See also: W:Blog/20140330_Buying_a_Raspberry_Pi

2 Components[edit]

The specific components below are for illustration only! Most similar things will do!

If you are starting out, you may want to get a pre-assembled kit, that allows you to do something, such as

If you feel confident that you want to delve into electronics, you could look at this:

For more advanced robotics projects, you could start with this: