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1 Introduction[edit]

This page contains a large range of tutorials that Bjoern has been writing since about 2006. Contributions to this were early teaching in the context of CUSP/BlueSci, the podcasting course 2007, and the Hum Centre podcasting course 2009.

2 'Books'[edit]

2.1 The Podcasting compendium[edit]

New: The all-in Podcasting compendium. Available as a 'book'!

The compendium contains most pages in this tutorial section, and can be downloaded as a pdf.

2.2 HumCenter podcast course[edit]

A podcast course that we run together with the HumCentre and CUiD in January/Feb 2009: See Humanitarian Centre Podcasting Course (also available as a 'book')

The corresponding book is lighter weight than the compendium, and only contains more essential items.

2.3 Steeple podcasting book[edit]

Some of the resources here were used for the Steeple podcasting booklet, see http://www.steeple.org.uk/wiki/Beyond2009booklet

3 Audio[edit]

3.1 Audio recording a lecture[edit]

See /Audio recording: The same tutorial, but with a number of different recorders:

  1. Tutorials/Audio recording/Fostex FR2-LE with EW112P
  2. Tutorials/Audio recording/Edirol R09 with EW112P
  3. Tutorials/Audio recording/Zoom H2 with EW112P
  4. Tutorials/Audio recording/Marantz PMD660 with EW112P

Links, updates, comparisons:

  • Interesting recorder: Yamaha W24.
  • Some of the information on this page is starting to be out of date in terms of new models (October 2010), see http://www.solidstatesound.co.uk/ for a good source of information. New models to consider are the Tascam DR-08 and the Yamaha C24 and W24. Tascam DR 2D and Zoom Q3 have an interesting concepts (respectively: dual source recording and good audio with moderate video).
  • Basic handhelds (< GBP 200): The Zoom H2 and Tascam DR-07 cost about the same (~ GBP 180), and thus go head-to-head:
  • More up-market handhelds:
    • Tascam DR-100 (~ GBP 350, with XLR mic in, minijack line in). (I wonder whether the DR-100 might be competition for the brick recorders below. Line-level input is only minijack, but as well as the XLR inputs, you get reasonable directional built-in mics.) (In terms of size, this unit is only marginally smaller than the PMD660/661)
    • Zoom H4 has been updated to Zoom H4n (~ GBP 330, with XLR mic in, 1/4"" jack in) (I wasnt so convinced by the H4, so would be cautious about the H4n too. By comparison, the Zoom H2 has fared very well though.)
    • Sony PCM-D50 (~ GBP 450, no xlr input.) It looks kinda cool, and has been around for a while. Would need to be carefully compared with the DR-100 though.
    • The Olympus LS-10 may also be of interest if a small form-factor unit is required (also c.f. http://www.audiotranskription.de/Tascam-DR-100.htm , in german)
  • Portable "brick" recorders
    • Fostez FR2LE (~ GBP 450) My only gripes are that the jack input is unbalanced, and that you cannot mix recording formats on the same memory card (at least with current firmware). A big plus is the continual writing to memory card, so that in the event of power loss you don't loose anything.
    • Marantz PMD-661: (~ GBP 600) (successor to PMD660). Presumably the XLR is balanced in line-mode also, and balanced line-in is nice. However, it's somewhat more expensive than the FR2, and we have lost recordings on the PMD660 (because at least the PMD660 didn't continuously write to the memory card).

A nice website for looking up recorders http://www.solidstatesound.co.uk/

3.2 Further tutorials related to audio recording[edit]

3.3 Audio related tutorials: Editing[edit]

4 Video related[edit]

New tutorials and musings on video: Here's a first batch, mostly to do with encoding video and audio

5 Encoding / Video/audio compression[edit]

6 Elsewhere[edit]


7 Podcast Course 2007[edit]

A podcast course run at the University of Cambridge in 2007:

8 Other[edit]

Proposals for further tutorials